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A guide to our booking process:-

The cottage pages
The booking pages
What is paid when?
Payment by credit card
Payment by cheque
The balance payment

The Cottage pages:-

  • Click on the 'Cottages' button at the top of the screen and use the brief details shown to select which might be suitable.
  • Click on the 'more details' button next to the photograph, which will open a page with a lot more information about the cottage and its facilities.
  • If you like what you see, click on 'Prices/Availability'.

The Booking pages:-

  • The availability list shows prices and availability for three months around the selection you make at the top and you can page page back and forth as required. Click on the box next to the week you are interested in and you will be asked to select the number of days you wish to stay. Short breaks are an option during some of the winter months.
  • If you click Continue, the next page asks for your details - please note those fields that are required and both telephone and email would be appreciated if possible.
  • Then you get confirmation of your selection: dates, number of days, availability and cost, including any deposit and/or balance and when they are due to be paid (see below). When you click on 'Submit Booking' you will be taken through the card payment process.


  • You will receive confirmation emails (or letters) each time the some detail of your booking changes. Usually, this would be at the time of booking and deposit is received, then when the balance is due and again when the balance is paid. Each email includes all the data mentioned above at the end of the booking process.
  • You can also see the details on line at any time by clicking "My account" and entering your booking reference and email address. You can email yourself a copy from there as well.

What is paid when?

  • We ask for a deposit of 20% of the total cost of your holiday immediately and that is what will be processed against your credit card.
  • The balance will become due 60 days before the start date, (see Payment of balance, below).
  • If you are booking less than two months forward, we ask for the whole cost immediately.

Payment by credit card:-

  • We use Sage Pay to handle your payment and you should be assured that the transaction is secure. If you have any reticence about this method of settlement, please see 'Payment by cheque', below.
  • Credit card process all completed, we say 'Thank you very much' and if you have given us an email address, we send you details of the booking there and then. No email address? Details will be in the post in the next few days.

Payment by cheque:-

  • You are welcome to book with us by phone or email, however we can not guarantee that the dates you have chosen will still be available when we process the booking for you. Should the booking be accepted, we will ask for a cheque for the amount now due, payable to Menabilly Holidays and crossed a/c payee only, sent to us at:

    Menabilly Holidays,
    Ref.: (your reference number)
    PL24 2TN

  • We will hold the booking as reserved for a maximum of 7 days while awaiting your cheque. If payment has not been received after that time, the reservation will be cancelled and the property made available for booking again.

Payment of balance due:-

  • We will send a reminder to you when the balance payment is due, by email if you gave us an address, or by post. For those that would like to pay by credit card, the email will contain a link like the one below, to the Balance Payment Page. If you paid by cheque, please remember to send your balance payment to arrive by the due date. In either case, once the balance has been received, we will send you, by email or post, confirmation, directions to the cottage and where to collect the keys.
  • Click here to make a Balance Payment.


  • If you should need to cancel please let us know in good time. Refund criteria is as follows:-

    Over 6 months Full refund
    Between 6 and 2 months Lost Deposit
    Thereafter provided we get an alternative booking we will refund all monies paid less deposit.

    In the event of failing to get an alternative booking we would apply the following formula:-

Between 2 months and 1 month's notice 50% of property rental refunded
Between 1 month and a fortnight's notice 25% of property rental refunded
Less than a fortnight 10% of property rental refunded.

At our discretion we may give additional refunds where there are compassionate grounds.

Please also refer to our full Terms and Conditions which can be found from the main menu.

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